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Previously Wet Dreams - Same Location - New River Supply Company

Vishnu River Supply

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Vishnu River Supply

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Vishnu River Supply

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Vishnu River Supply is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. In the same location as the previous Wet Dreams River Supply. We are here to provide Northern Arizona and the southwest river community with quality river gear, watercraft rentals, gear repair and general river knowledge. We will be rolling out all of our products and serves as we get established here in Flagstaff. If you would like to stay up to date on what's happening at Vishnu River Supply give us a follow on instagram or join our email list for more specific details and special deals.

Previously Wet Dreams

Based out of Flagstaff, AZ

Vishnu River Supply carries core whitewater and local brands. We have a wide selection of the latest products to cover all of your needs on the water. We officially offer daily rentals! We will be offering used gear for sale, and repairs coming soon.

Gear for Purchase

We offer a collection of top-notch gear tailored for both multi-day expeditions (Grand Canyon River Trips) and day long water based adventure. Visit our Flagstaff Shop and gear up for your next adventures.


We offer rentals for water enthused day trips and multi-day expeditions based out of Northern Arizona. Looking for a whitewater kayak to paddle the Colorado River? Need a paddle board for Clear Creek, Glen Canyon, or Page? Want to run the daily section on the Verde River? We've got you covered come on by the shop or give us a call to see what's available.


Coming Soon

Gear need a little love? We are happy to offer you repair services in the coming year. We understand the stress of needing your gear to function properly on your next trip. Drop your worries at our door, coming soon.

Got a question about rivers in the SouthWest?

Owner of Vishnu, Thomas Hearing, is an experienced white water kayaker and guide on the Colorado River. We encourage folks to explore the unique and inspiring watersheds of the southwest! We are a resource for you to utilize. We have maps and we're happy to answer all of your questions before you head out in the remote world of desert boating. Come on by and build community!

Come Explore the rivers of the

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Vishnu River Supply

Located at 3780 N Eagle Mountain Dr

Flagstaff, Arizona

Tuesday - Sunday

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We take sales by appointment please reach out by email to make a plan.

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